Friday, November 9, 2012

Inside the Projector

We pulled out the projector for some light exploration and discovered that the bulb had burned out so we decided to open it up and take a look inside....

The kids were surprised to see it had a mirror, some wires, two light bulbs, a lever and a magnifying glass.

Everyone had to try out the lever that switched the bulbs so they could “fix” it.

As they stood on the inside of the lifted magnifying glass, the kids noticed that their friends on the other side appeared larger and upside down. They all had to get in for a closer look.

They watched Josh intently as he cleaned the mirrors and magnifiers while explaining how it all worked. Then they watched patiently as he put it back together offering to help him everytime he needed something.

As soon as it was all set up, they got to work climbing up and down on crates stretching their bodies as high as possible to trace really tall “projected stuff”....

They talked about the colors of light shining through the plastic letters and blackness of the shadows....

They noticed the heat of the bulb and the whirr of the fan motor. Thier observations sparked many questions about the inner workings of parts we hadn't seen. 

Finally they worked together to cover all of the glass with crayon. When they were done they marveled at their work as the light shone through the colored wax casting huge swirling shadows over their drawings.

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