Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Indoor Winter Wonderland

Our winter weather is so bitter cold we will likely be forced to stay inside for the next few days. I am pretty die hard when it comes to getting out to run and enjoy the sun but at - 20 degrees it’s just not safe for little people to be out. On really nasty winter days, we turn out indoor space into a maze of fun gross motor activities to keep the wee ones from going stir crazy. My kiddies need at LEAST an hour of physical activity so part of the fun was using their bodies to move heavy things while setting up. 

First we had to clean up ALL the items they had laying on the floor and tuck a few things away to make space for running inside.

We took out the slide, some scooters and set up a ball tossing game with targets.

We also had our trusty jumping spot for little ones needing to jump or wrestle. 
Later we turned our table into a little fort where the children burned off lots of energy gathering pillows, rearranging the sheet and hanging from the cross bars.

After all that moving about we played some music and soaked our hands in warm soapy water or pounded playdough to calm down again.  

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