Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Owlets

These adorable little guys were made from scrap paper donated by a couple of cool moms. All you need to create a flock of owlets for your crew are:

A simple owl tracing on card stock
Scraps of fall themed scrapbooking paper
Two large circles (for the eyes)
A sharpie (for the pupil of the eyes)
Felt leaves (from the dollar store)

I usually have the cutting station available a few times a month for the kiddies to practice tearing, using knives and cutting with scissors. While we were working on other things last week, I set out the paper for this project and the kids cut LOTS of paper. By the end of the week we had plenty of pieces for everyone to work with.

Next I put the templates out during project time. It took two cutting / glueing sessions to fill up the owl template.

On day four, we put it all together. I gave each child a piece of black card stock with a tree branch glued to the bottom. They added the final touches by stapling the owls in place, adding the eyes and gluing the felt leaves on the branches.

Later we googled Barred Owls and Screech Owls to compare their bodies. We practiced mimicking owl sounds then looked closely at the patterns on their beautiful earth tone colored wings. 

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