Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Kidstyle

We worked on these adorable little trees today in several different areas of our room. The entire project took most of the morning because there were several steps involved. The great thing about working in small increments of time like this is that the kids were highly focused on the project, then play, then the project again, enabling them to expand the length of time they were able to focus. 

If we think of the brain as a computer running several programs at once, you can imagine how much slower it runs when you try to do to many things at once. If you really push it the computer freezes up altogether! Much like a computer, the young child's brain needs time to download and synchronize all the incoming sensory information so it can run smoothly. Rotating through activities helps children process information by giving them a break from taking in new information.
Children's brains and bodies also need to move in order to build on the length of time they can remain focused on a given task. Creating novel experiences or environments redirects the brain to the activity so that all systems work together more effectively.

Step one: punch lots of little holes in the Christmas tree by hanging it from the cutting center or using both your hands.

Step Two: cut tinsel and toss it around with friends, it’s fun to play with and it’s pretty cool to look at.

Step Three: take a break to works on something else 

Like an abstract drawing....

Sam - "See this J over here? This is where they put the gummies in the bag then it shoots down and goes all the way over here to the house."

Dumping crayons, stuffing them in tiny spaces or transferring them to different containers then listening to the sounds they make.....

Logan - This is a fire ship boat, it has fire on the back! I'm using this (computer keyboard) to drive it and the front is right here."  

Will - "We're going to rescue people!" 

Addie - And my baby's coming too!"

Hammer stuff, make a rocket and read with with friends.... 

or look at something pretty with your baby.....

Step four: count buttons and glue them to your tree then add tinsel if you like.

Step Five: Marvel at your masterpiece!

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