Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Cutting Station

Learning to master the muscles and skill to use scissors is tricky stuff for little ones. I put together this little cutting station so the kids could work independently. The set up is simple: string some ribbon through the gym and hang paper with clothes pins. (We have also created a cutting station between chairs before we had the gym.)

Working with hanging paper is much easier for the children than having to manipulate two objects at the same time. They were able to focus on using both hands to open and shut the scissors, as a result they worked for quite some time before moving on to other activities.

We talked a lot about cutting away from fingers instead of toward fingers....

Making fringes.....

Watching out for peers while cutting and walking with scissors pointed down, blades in hand.

So many safety tips to remember!

While we worked Carmen checked in on us and worked on her potato head pieces. 

Later she had a little fine motor fun clipping clothes pins to ribbon all by herself! 

Working with scissors was a great way for the children to practice gettinng thier fingers and eyes to work together. They also enjoyed the feeling of self mastery and what it feels like to be trusted to work with scissors all by themselves.

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