Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Super heros are here to save the day!

We recently inherited a large collection of super heros and villains which the children very quickly fell in love with. They wanted me to answer all sorts of super hero questions like: who are they? what are their super powers? How do they fight the bad guys? Alas I am only a girl and I wasn’t really allowed to watch much T.V. as a kid, so I really didn’t have very many answers for them. I told them what I knew about Bat Man and Spider Man, then I encouraged them to imagine their own super powers. They were pretty content with that for a while but as they imagined questions kept coming.  

Since they were so interested I decided we should consult the internet to to a little research to fuel their imaginations. 

Mostly we searched for the early versions of super hero cartoon trailers in hopes of avoiding anything too violent or scary. The kids were in love with all the cheezy 60’s jingles and they were awed by the super hero costumes. 

During our youtube research we watched as Wonder Woman received her magic bracelets and tiara from her mother then Captain America demonstrated his ability to toss his shield in the air to stop evil doers and Spider Man shot his webs to swing from rooftops and catch thieves. My personal favorite were the wonder twins because they could turn into anything and they used team work to solve problems.

The crowd favorites are spiderman, batman and Wonder Woman (otherwise known as Womanlady by Will).

During one of our group discussions the kids revealed what they already know about super heros and this is what they had to say: 

As superhero is someone who saves someone else - sam

Sometimes bad guys will fight em’  - Jackson

Woman - lady pushes bad guys. - will

Super heros save the day! - Logan

Wonder woman spins and turns into magic. - Sam

She has magic bracelets and a magic bathing suit.  Will

Captain America has a magic cape. - Will

He has magic shoes and a magic mask and a magic had and floppy ears.  - Jackson

Spiderman sprays houses with his magic webs. - Logan

Spiderman swings form his web. Then he shoots the web from his hand then he swinged on it. Then he jumped from one building to another. - Sam

Then he saved a car. - Jackson

Addie and Carmen did not have much to say on the subject but they thought the songs and woman - lady’s sparkly go go boots and “swimsuit” were pretty cool.

As we talked about super heros I introduced some new concepts and words to spark their imaginations. We talked about lairs and fortresses, ways to capture an evil doer and the many ways a super hero could rescue a victim ensuring justice is served. 

After our group discussion and research about super heros we set up a super hero play scene so the children could continue developing stories of their own. As they worked they built lairs for the evil doers, fortresses for the good guys and tissue paper fireballs to toss between the two. They were very animated and involved in their play but not once did anyone so carried away with their characters that they actually hurt anyone. 

When it was all said and done I asked the children, “What were you imagining in the super hero area?”

Logan - I made a big tower for batman. The bad guys knocked over his house and Batman yelled at him. He has wings and he flies.

Sam - I was building towers for bad guys and super heros for them to knock down. The only superhero I like is superman - not superman but spiderman. Spiderman is my favorite superhero.
Spiderman was fighting the bad guys so they don’t do any more evil stuff. 

Will -  I was building a bad guy and I knocked the bad guy down and I screamed at him. Cuz he was pushing me. 

I asked the children, “Does hitting and screaming at people solve problems in real life?”

“No, they will get hurt.” - Sam 

“If somebody pushes you and hits you in real life you will walk away.” - Logan

“You can just fly up you can change into a rocket ship and fly away from the bad guy.” Jackson

“I would say No! I don’t like it.” -  Addie

 “And when somebody hits you I not hitting somebody. I say I don’t like it!!!! and get patience.” Logan

 “If somebody is hitting me I would say apologize!”  - Sam

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