Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fine motor fun

The kiddies are back from spring break and I whipped up these little guys in a matter of minutes for some fine motor fun. All you need to make a fun little fine motor friend of your own are some small beads, goggly eyes, pipe cleaners, mustaches / mouths and some recycled plant containers.


Push two pipe cleaners through the bottom of the pot so that they are form an X inside the bottom of the container then secure it with tape.

Flip the pot upside down and attach googly eyes and a mouth or a mustache to make a face. (I used a glue gun for the eyes and the mouths were left over foam stickers from Valentine’s day.)

Place a small cup full of beads and your fine motor friend in a rimmed tray to catch any fallen beads then let your little go to town!

The kids worked at this for quite some time. They took turns filling the pipe cleaners up with beads then pulling them all off again and watching them scatter on the tray.

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