Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Spring!

We have been SO busy exploring all the changes outside this week! Every year with the season change and all the added light in the day the kids get a little tweaky and we all have a serious need to be outside as much as possible. 

On monday we spent most of the morning out hunting for signs of spring. We found lots of flowers popping their little heads out of the ground basking in the sun. I’m no gardening guru but we were able to spot a few of the familiar flowers of the season: daffodils, hyacinth and petunias. We searched for worms, stomped in puddles and took a peek in the composter to see how our plants were breaking down so we can feed garden when it’s time.

On Tuesday got our glow on by constructing this cool ping pong game. It was the perfect way to spend a rainy day. We even figured out how to add bumpers to the table so that we didn’t have to spend as much time chasing the ball around the room!

On Wednesday we discovered a rainbow as we were coming inside, the children knew that somehow the rainbow was created with light so we looked for the source. We discovered the light was coming from the peep hole in the door which sparked a conversation about how glass and light can create a rainbow. The children conducted their own investigations using magnifying glasses to cast orbs of light and create rainbows with light. 

The children also practiced getting their pincher grasp down while writing on the light table. Some decided to write letters, others traced shapes under the glass or worked on own drawings. While they worked I explained how holding a marker close to the tip in the triangle grasp makes it easier to control. After my demonstration the children paid close attention to their grip and fixed it or asked for help when they forgot how to hold the markers properly.

On Thursday we painted outside at this little outdoor paint station. We used binder clips to attach paper to the fence and collected stones to hold our papers on the table so they wouldn’t blow away. We also made footprint butterflies in celebration of spring and discussed the virtues of eating spinach and berries to keep our bodies strong. Best of all they thought the smoothies were a special treat so they all begged for more spinach! 

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